A #dog can make a family feel complete


Spending More Time with Your Dog as a Busy Mom

It’s easy to say that your dog is your best friend, but have you ever stopped and wondered whether you’re being the best friend to your dog? With your to-do list all filled up every day, you might forget to set aside at least a few minutes for your furry companion. Remember that your dog relies on you to train its body and mind, so it’s only fair to spend some bonding time with your best pal despite being a full-time mom. Dogs require mental and physical stimulation. If all they do is wander around the house waiting patiently for you to take them out, and then they might suffer from boredom and surplus energy. This might very well explain why your dog tends to chew and bark relentlessly. Thankfully, some simple things can help your dog have a wonderful time at home even if you’re the busiest mom out there.

Use a wireless dog fence

As the name implies, you don’t have to deal with any wires when using this pet containment system, making the installation process a breeze. This virtual fence works by using a transmitter which sends a radio signal to an electric dog collar. When your dog goes beyond the designated radius, it will receive a warning in the form of stimuli. Depending on the manufacturer of the invisible dog fence, the stimuli to be used varies.

Why switch to a virtual fence when your physical fence does the job just fine? One benefit is that it gives your dog more space to roam and play around. You have probably seen your dog trying to make its way out of the fence by digging under, jumping over, or chewing through the fence. With a wireless dog fence, you and your dog can move around more freely without worrying that it might leave your property. Just remember to train your dog so that it understands the warning signals sent by the electric dog collar.

Make it work for food

When your baby is crying, the household chores are piling up, and the deadline is sending shivers down your spine, it’s tempting just to grab some dog food and let your dog eat so you can get back to work. However, studies show that animals prefer working for food. One simple trick is to let your dog do some tricks before putting down the bowl.

You can also use a dispensing machine to allow your dog to work its mind a bit before getting its reward. Scattering these toys around the house encourages your pet to hunt for food, which is a good way of simulating the outside environment.

Change routes regularly

It gets boring when you drive along the same route every day. Your dog feels the same way when it walks the same streets. A change of scenery can go a long way in keeping your dog engaged. With new surroundings to please its eyes and stimulate its mind, your dog will surely be grateful for this simple change. read more…


A BIG LOVE – Therapy dog becomes best friend


When Amber VanBramer’s grandmother passed away, she had a difficult time deciding if she should bring her 7-year-old son, Khaydin, to the wake.

“My grandfather on the other side of the family passed away last year and I took him,” she said. “It was his first funeral and he took it pretty hard, talking about it all the time afterward and asking, ‘Am I going to die?”‘

But when she walked into her grandmother’s wake at Dwyer Funeral Home on a rainy Friday afternoon with Khaydin and her 3-year-old son, Keyonei, to pay their respects, she and her children weren’t immediately met with death, but instead the wagging tail of a Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Greyce.

The boys immediately lifted the somber mood, asking Greyce’s handler, Jody Tierney, important questions about their new friend, who calmly stood watch over the mourners while Keyonei crawled under her to inspect her furry belly.

“Does he like dog food?” asked the 3-year-old, innocently, while relatives looking on laughed.

It’s not the scene you’d expect at a funeral home, and that’s why when Tierney approached Rob Dwyer Jr., about the possibility of using a certified therapy dog at funeral services, he jumped at the opportunity.

“It’s such a great thing,” said Dwyer, owner of the family owned funeral home at 776 North St. “The dog immediately changes the mood of the room.”

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