Nerds Over Cattle: How Food Technology Will Save the World


There’s fun food technology, like meal and grocery delivery, and then there’s urgent food technology: the kind that can address the looming questions of how we’re going to feed 9.7 billion people by 2050, and how we’re going to do that without worsening the climate crisis.

This might sound like it would require radically more efficient crops—a new green revolution. Or maybe it will require a new type of fertilizer, a crazy advance in nanotechnology, or something involving interstellar farming. Paging Elon Musk!

Bruce Friedrich is executive director of The Good Food Institute, a nonprofit organization that promotes alternatives to animal-based meat, dairy, and eggs.

But no, in fact the solution to both of the big problems in food technology—how we’re going to feed a burgeoning population and what we’re going to do about climate change—is actually pretty simple: plant-based protein.

At least that’s what Alphabet CEO Eric Schmidt claimed at the Milken Global Summit a few months ago. He calls the concept “nerds over cattle,” and it’s the reason that the Good Food Institute, which I direct, exists: to promote plant-based and “clean meat” technologies, to solve the problems of animal agriculture and improve life on earth by an order of magnitude in the near future.

Plant-based meat is obvious: It’s meat made from plants. Clean meat is less obvious; it’s meat grown through cellular agriculture in what look like meat breweries, no animal slaughter required. read more…


Michael Phelps follows the GOAT path until the finish


He left it all in the pool, every inch of his lean and bruised body, every dazzling and dark moment of his career, all swirling behind him in the roiling waters of the Olympic Aquatics Center.

He bent down over the deck in exhaustion. He stayed down, staring at the blue floor, basking, breathing, until he finally found the strength to straighten, thrust up his arms and wave his hands in a universal gesture of goodbye.

Thousands of fans wearing a dizzying diversity of colors and flapping many-hued flags stood for the guy wearing the red, white and blue.

And soon thereafter, in accents and tongues from all over the globe, they chanted his name.

“Mich-ael Phelps! Mich-ael Phelps!”

On a thick-throated Saturday night in Rio, the air was filled with the sort of singular appreciation never heard from an entire Olympics crowd.

For one moment, it felt as if the entire sporting world was putting aside its differences to say farewell to the greatest.

Michael Phelps is the greatest Olympian ever, now and forever, and the final race of his five Olympics was filled with the richness of what exactly that means.
Michael Phelps’ final race ends in gold in Rio de Janeiro

It means a record 23 gold medals, and a record 28 overall, after his butterfly leg pushed the U.S. men’s team to a victory in the 400-meter medley relay.

It means six medals, five of them gold, in these Games at age 31. Six medals four years after he retired the first time. Six medals that make him the most decorated athlete at four consecutive Olympics. Think about that.

“It’s just insane, it’s mind-blowing,” Phelps said this week, and both phrases are insane understatements.

He is Peyton Manning, but only if Manning had been the MVP of that last Super Bowl.

He is Kobe Bryant, but only if Bryant had scored those final 60 points in an NBA Finals Game 7.

He is Barry Bonds, but clean. He is Tiger Woods, with redemption.

On Saturday, swimming the third leg of a relay he once again rescued, the retiring-for-sure star was all of those things, even when standing on the podium for the final time.

As the national anthem played, he fought back tears while swaying to a song he has heard so many times. He and his three teammates — Nathan Adrian, Ryan Murphy and Cody Miller — then initially held up a sign that carried no boasting words or record numbers. “Thank you Rio,” it read simply.

“This is a cherry on top of the cake that I wanted,” Phelps said afterward, looking drained but happy.

“He is the greatest of all time, he’s the GOAT, and he’s still so good,” proclaimed teammate Anthony Ervin.

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AgriLabs® has entered into the vaccine manufacturing business

“By adding state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities to our U.S. marketing and sales operations, we can deliver more value to veterinarians and producers both domestically and worldwide,” said Steve Schram, AgriLabs chief executive officer, at a ribbon-cutting event that included several state and city officials. “With the need for alternatives to antibiotics, vaccines are critical to the long term health and efficiency of food animal production,” Schram said.

“This announcement positions Nebraska for great opportunities in agriculture and bioscience,” Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts said. “We appreciate the confidence that AgriLabs has in our state’s bioscience research and manufacturing sectors, and its willingness to expand its investment in employees and facilities in these highly regarded areas.” Read more…

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Time for a spring detox

There is a different odor in the air! Maybe it is the earth shaking the heavy, snowy coat and growing fresh green “hair”, the first flowers and buds covered with aromatic resin coming out into the warmer sun Spring is (almost) here, and, among the many activities we like to embark at this time is the cleaning of the house and yard. What about our bodies? During the colder season, we tend to spend more time indoors, avoiding the elements, maybe gained some extra pounds, feel a bit heavier and sluggish. Well, the lack of exercise and strenuous movement, coupled with heavier foods and lots of meat can cause an accumulation of residues in the body, some call this process a “toxic buildup”. If your tissues are “clogged”, you may feel more fatigued, congested, achy, and you may have a thick, white or yellow coating on your tongue in the morning. These symptoms are more evident in elderly or people with chronic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, and others. While the conventional medicine does not always recognize this process, there is plenty of data in integrative (or complementary) medicine to support its presence in most modern people, while all religions advise a period of cleansing or even fasting to help eliminate the toxins and restore the full functions of the body. I have tried myself along the years various methods of detoxifying and found, indeed, that after some of them I regained my clarity of mind, energy, and strength. It is wise to believe that we should cleanse our hard working bodies, after all we periodically check, clean, oil our cars. Also, with the age, some of our normal processes of metabolic waste elimination tend to be slower and less efficient. But springtime is an appropriate time to cleanse and fine-tune our bodies and minds! We are more active outside, so we sweat more sweating is a good way to detox, that is why many populations employ sauna regularly and swear by it. Read more…

Meet the dogs who can sniff out cancer better than some lab tests


Great Story on Lucy who learned to sniff out bladder, kidney and prostate cancer, and was even used in a study. Over the years, she has been able to detect cancer correctly more than 95% of the time. That’s better than some lab tests used to diagnose cancer.

Now, Lucy is part of one of the largest clinical trials of canine cancer detection. A British organization, Medical Detection Dogs, has eight dogs sniff out 3,000 urine samples from National Health Service patients to see whether they can discern who has cancer and who doesn’t. Read more…


Rusian Tiger befriends brave goat instead of eating it.

We all play with our food sometimes, but rarely does it become our best friend.

Timur the goat was placed in the cage of a Siberian tiger – also known as an Amur tiger – at Russia’s Primorsky Safari Park as a meal for the striped predator. Instead, the big cat has started hanging out with the goat, reports The Huffington Post. Read more…