Can Dogs Get Colds?

Sick beagle dog on soft chair




Fido’s Feeling Under The Weather



It’s hard to watch our children suffer when they are sick, and the feelings can be similar when it’s our canine kiddies who are under the weather. Doggie coughs, sneezes, and goopy eyes can cause concern. Your dog may also not be eating as much and just seem kind of sick. We know that in the winter the common cold can be enough to bring a normally healthy adult down for a week, but can dogs get colds, too?

Actually, yes dogs can get colds. Though they may not catch the same virus as humans, they are still a legit illness. Dr. Sara Joseph, a veterinarian in Massachusetts, tells Romper that dogs can catch respiratory infections from other dogs, and the illnesses can be bacterial and/or viral. Dr. Joseph says, “The most common ones are referred to broadly as kennel cough.”

Kennel cough passes from dog to dog, usually through nose to nose contact, and is a bacterial infection. Its biggest symptom is, of course, a cough. The Dog Health Guide said that dogs can also get this from being exposed to the secretions of an infected dog at a kennel, vet’s office, groomer, or training class. It’s hard to know for sure if your dog has been exposed to this, but the incubation period for kennel cough is usually around two weeks, according to Dog Health Guide. At first it might just sound like your dog is clearing his throat, but as time goes on, he could get symptoms that more closely resemble a cold, like fever, lethargy, and in more extreme cases, vomiting.

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