Ensure deworming of cattle during monsoon

With monsoons ushering in the growth of fresh grass, pets and cattle have a stronger chance of developing worms and parasites in their bodies. Internal worms particularly feed on the food and nutrition in animals which hampers their growth, particularly in the case of cattle and goat kids. In view of this, scientists at Goa-based Indian Council of Agricultural Research and Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute (ICAR-CCARI) recently held a training programme on the importance of deworming cattle.

“For effectiveness of all vaccines, prior deworming of animals is necessary,” said Dr Sanjay Udharwar, animal scientist at ICAR-CCARI.

 He explained that cattle usually get infections owing to adulterated water and fresh grass in the rainy season. This is because the monsoon environment is favourable for the development of these worms. Animals in the free range system therefore tend to feed on the eggs and larvae of these parasites while grazing or eating food off the ground. These eggs or larvae further develop in the animals’ stomach and absorb the nutrients for themselves.
“Worms cause indigestion, lack of nutrition, and this leads to anemia, resulting in stunted growth of animals. In order to have good health and milk yield in cattle, it is important to regularly deworm them,” said Dr Santosh Desai, director of animal husbandry and veterinary services (AHVS).
AHVS also holds deworming drives three to four times a year at their dispensaries, government veterinary hospitals and sub-centres across Goa. These drives are conducted once every three months wherein the deworming medicine is provided free of cost.

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