Anything to encourage reading?


Meet the Adorable Pig Who Travels to Different Libraries Inspiring Kids to Read

Pigs are incredibly intelligent and emotional beings. Studies have shown that pigs possess the ability to empathize with one another, they can perform tricks just like a dog, and they even come running when they hear their name. And now we can add yet another talent to the ever growing list of a pig’s attributes: literary ambassadors.

Yep, you read that right. Daisy is a Potbellied pig who spends much of her time traveling from library to library across the United States to teach children that reading is fun.

Back in 1995 in Bristol, Connecticut, Paul, and Victoria Minor had just said goodbye as their youngest child left home. One day Victoria drove by a sign that advertised piglets for sale. Always wanting a Potbellied pig and feeling a bit lonely, she picked the runt of the litter, named her Daisy and went home with a surprise to Paul.

It was a match made in heaven for both Daisy and the Minors. Daisy started participating in the Boys and Girls Club “Kiss-A-Pig” fundraiser, where people pay money to get community notables to kiss a pig. Daisy was a perfect fit for the fundraiser given her patience and love of people. Then, the Hartford Library children’s librarian asked the Minors if they’d consider bringing Daisy in for story hour.

Naturally, kids loved Daisy and Daisy loved them. After just a couple years, Daisy had so many gigs that Paul Minor gave up his day job and took Daisy on the road full time. Daisy died of old age in 2009, but now Daisy 2 has taken over and continues to help teach children that reading is more…

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