Quick and Easy Health Checks for Your Pets

Swamp Yankee Style

With three cats, two horses, one pup and six chickens, making sure everyone is healthy on the farm is always a concern. Doing regular health checks can help you catch symptoms early and avoid unnecessary illnesses and vet bills. Here are some simple things you can do to keep an eye on your pet’s health and stay in tune to what is normal for them. By becoming familiar with you pets normal health, it will be easier to identify when something isn’t right and they need some medical attention.

How to give your cats and dogs a quick health check:

  1. When you are petting your pets, take a few minutes to check out their skin and fur. Does their coat feel greasy? Do they have dry dandruff? Any sign of fleas or flea dirt? Is the skin healthy gray color or does it look pink and inflammed?
  2. Smell your fingers…

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