National Hug Your Cat Day

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Happy National Hug Your Cat Day. May this be your best National Hug Your Cat Day yet.

Didn’t know it was National Hug Your Cat Day? That’s OK, neither did I until I looked it up, and I am a cat person.

This sounds like one of those made up holidays, like National Cheese Day, National Cognac Day and National Old Maid’s Day, which also are celebrated today.

Somehow I can’t shake the mental image of an old maid spending today hugging her cat as she nibbles on cheese and sips cognac, but that’s neither here nor there.

Back to National Hug Your Cat Day. Actually the act of hugging your cat should come with a warning label: May cause cat to turn into a howling, yowling, scratching, spitting demon, thus leading to one of you shedding blood, and rest assured it won’t be the cat.

Our cats are not huggers. They much prefer a scratch behind the ear or a good belly rub. I fear they associate the act of hugging with being unceremoniously thrust into a cat carrier and toted off to the vet.

Our tabby howls piteously and squirms when you try to embrace him, while the black butterball whirls and spins like a dervish in his attempt to break free. And we won’t even mention the claws.

The first is to brush his/her teeth. Nope. I’m staying far away from those choppers. That’s what the hard food is for.

They recommend keeping your cat active with the right toys. We have, to quote an old Steve Martin comedy routine, “$3,000 worth of cat toys,” in our home, with which they will play from time to time as they see fit. If I throw a toy and try to get one of them to chase it, however, they normally fix me with a baleful stare and a look that seems to convey naught but pity.

The No. 3 tip is to brush your cat regularly. This is almost, but not quite, as unpopular a cat activity as hugging. As far as they are concerned the only thing the brush is good for is chewing. read more…


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