Not a joke: Goats and humans do yoga together


We’re not sure how long this far-fetched fitness trend will last, but humans and goats got together Saturday morning for a yoga class.

No kidding.

Dave Mote with Grapevine Parks and Recreation Department heard about goat yoga on the radio and decided it was a perfect fit for Grapevine, where the first (sold out) classes were h

eld Saturday, despite the rainy weather.

While Nash Farms provided the location, Red Barn Feed Store in Kennedale ponied up the goats.

“We weren’t sure how many people would show up because of the weather but they were here at 6:30 ready to go,” Mote said.

Classes were held at 7 and 8 a.m., and the goats mostly wandered about and nibbled on corn while their human counterparts performed poses such as downward facing dog. The goats did not appear to be offended.

Goat yoga is just what is sounds like — a yoga class with goats. Participants go through yoga poses while baby goats snuggle with them.

Andrew Buckley Special to the Star-Telegram

At times a baby white goat stood happily on the backs of different participants, while other goats, well, did not.

“Everybody seemed comfortable with them and had a blast,” Mote said.

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