Trainer insight into ‘troubled’ dogs


It was once thought that dogs became a problem because owners were too dominant.

This allegedly caused the dogs to shut down emotionally, rebel against their owners, or attack other people.

Dog trainer Kevin Behan of Newfane, Vt., who spoke Saturday at Harvey’s Home, Garden and Pet, disagrees and uses his insights into dog or wolf pack behavior to train dogs.

In an interview, Behan said a dog’s “real social impulse is the wolves hunting as a team” and that hunting is a part of a dog’s nature.

“We teach the dogs to mimic hunting,” he said. Chasing, biting and retrieving a frisbee, a ball or a stick for his owner “makes him feel great.”

“All dog training is hunting. Your dog wants to be part of your team,” which satisfies a dog’s natural emotional need–and “he starts to like the world,” said Behan, who calls his method Natural Dog Training. read more…

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