Special needs dogs and special humans


what a great article and story…

In life, there are many circumstances where some extra special help is needed for humans to get by. My human is a prime example. Without me, what would he ever do? I walk him, exercise him, take him outside to play, secure the property, chase off the varmints and the like. If you know him, he’s not normal under any stretch of the imagination – dog or human alike. WOOF!!!! All kidding aside, I keep him active, which mom says is very good thing! WOOF!

The same happens with dogs. While we are the greatest creatures in God’s universe, some may need a little help along the way. Some special needs dogs may be missing a limb, be insulin dependent, afraid of men, or have been abused and need special attention. That’s where special humans can help these dogs or cats find love.

As I pawed this article, I barked with my friend “Lab Lady” from Lab Rescue who shared with me a thought concerning special needs dogs: “I think the most important thing is to focus on the dog, not the illness,” she

said. “Helen, a Labrador Retriever with Lab Rescue, needs insulin shots twice a day but for those few minutes she is your average loving, easy-mannered, and good-looking dog.”

This week, I spent a few minutes barking with a Lab Rescue foster who has spent time caring for special needs dogs and some humans too. Lindee shares…..

“My last dog passed away five years ago. I grew up with dogs, cats, a hamster, gerbils, etc.. Knowing I was going to be an empty-nester, I had to find a way to fill a void I knew was coming. I signed up as a short-term sub foster.” read more



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