Diet tips for your pooches to save them from #dehydration


Dogs are the best companions ever. They are like family and need extra care during certain months of the year. Just like, we human beings, even dogs need to be fed the right food during summer. One should keep in mind to give them the chilled and frozen food to keep them away from dehydration, heat stroke and other problems. So here is a list of food that can be given to your pet during hot sunny days.

Frozen Chicken broth

This is one dish that can make your dog feel better. It is natural for dogs to get dehydrated in summers and this will help them gain fluids and will make them feel cool in the stomach. One can also combine it with wet foods to add some extra protein.


Parsley is one of the best foods for dogs. It helps in improving dog’s breath. Keep in mind to add a few tablespoons of parsley in the food every day. It acts as a source of potassium and calcium which play a vital role in improving your dog’s health.

Sweet Potatoes

One can give dogs sweet potatoes during summer.  All you need to do is bake it and mix it in the food.

There are some dogs who do not like the smell of it, so it is advisable to combine it with the meat. It provides a healthy-dose of beta-carotene which will improve the immune system.

Ginger root

It is one of the nutritious food for dogs. But just the ginger root can cause some irritation, so it is better to combine it with some watermelon juice and freeze it. Ginger soothes the stomach and also fights back the bacteria that can upset the stomach of the dogs.

It is a highly described food by the vets, if the dog is down with diarrhea. (article from here)


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