Interesting Story – It’s the story of the pig. And, it’s the story of a veterinarian


This is the story of a Hinesville woman who wanted a pig all her life and finally got one in August.

It’s the story of the pig. And, it’s the story of a veterinarian who decided to take a chance.

The woman’s name is Pilar Odria. Her potbellied pig is Gracie Lou, which when full grown will weigh around 45 pounds, Odria said.

The veterinarian is Dr. Hunter Brigdon, who practices at Richmond Hill Animal Hospital.

That’s where Gracie Lou wound up Oct. 10, her outlook so bleak Bridgon wasn’t sure he could save her.

“I didn’t think she’d make it, to be honest,” Brigdon said.

This was two days after Hurricane Matthew, which played its own part in this story.

The storm

Odria and her three kids evacuated late, leaving after Hurricane Matthew started knocking down trees and fences and power lines. But because the Odrias couldn’t find a place for the family’s three dogs, three cats and Gracie Lou, her husband Albert sent the wife and kids to safety and stayed behind to ride out the storm with the pets.

On Oct. 9, while Odria was gone, Gracie Lou was let out into the family’s fenced back yard for a bathroom break. The storm had knocked down enough fence to leave the pig exposed to a stray dog.

It tore into the Gracie Lou’s hindquarters, exposing bones and vertebrae before Albert could come to the rescue.

He soon found help, including family friend Justin Nelson, who apparently knows a thing or two about treating pigs. Nelson doctored Gracie Lou as best he could, but told Odria by phone the pig would need to see a vet. Odria packed up her kids and headed back.

On Oct. 10 – two days after the Hurricane – Odria called Brigdon, who’s been a veterinarian for only five years but apparently has seen his fair share of

pigs. And he didn’t hesitate when he got Odria’s call.

“Immediately he said ‘bring her right over,” Odria said.

What Brigdon saw when he first took a look at Gracie Lou wasn’t good, but he decided to give it a try. Six surgeries later, the pig is healing nicely. Read more…



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