Needle-free vaccination lifts performance


Improved weight gains in both weaners and fatteners as well as easier application and less stress on the pigs are among the benefits noted by the owners after the switch to a new intradermal vaccine on the Brady family pig unit in Longford.
The IDAL (Intradermal Application of Liquids) gun can be used for administering Porcilis PCV ID, the vaccine that protects against PCV2 (Porcine circovirus type 2), one of the major disease threats in Irish pig production. Dermot Brady and his father Donal, who run a 2,000-sow integrated unit, started using the IDAL gun for PCV2 vaccination last March and are very happy with the results. “The needle-free system is much easier to use and is less stressful on the pigs. It eliminates the risk of broken needles which can result in needle pieces remaining in the tissues, causing serious issues during and after processing. There is also less risk of transmitting disease from pig to pig,” said Dermot.
“The IDAL system involves giving a low volume injection of just 0.2ml of Porcilis PCV ID to each piglet. Another big advantage is the flexibility of the vaccination site. Rather than being confined to the neck it can be given at side of the neck, along the muscles of the back or in the hind leg,” he said. Performance The Bradys were previously using a different vaccine, administering a 1ml dose at 14 days old using needles. Since switching to the low volume Porcilis PCV ID needle-free system, they have experienced a significant improvement in pig performance. “Our weaners have gone up by around 30g/day and are now approaching 700g/day. The performance of our fatteners has gone up by as much as 50g to around 1,000g/day. This is a very significant and welcome improvement,” said Dermot. read more…



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