Why dogs do it and how to curb their enthusiasm

JumpingUp-FI1-300x200.jpgJumping Up Behavior in Dogs

Every dog has jumped up at some time in his life. Whether dogs are jumping up on people to greet them or jumping up on the furniture, our canine companions sometimes have trouble keeping all four feet on the floor.

Although jumping up is a natural behavior for dogs, it can cause problems for humans. When a dog jumps on a child or elderly person, he could cause serious damage by knocking that person to the ground. Even small dogs can hurt someone by jumping up and accidentally scratching the person with sharp nails.

Jumping up on the furniture is another natural behavior for dogs. While some pet parents don’t mind their dogs on the couch, others have a strict “no furniture” policy. If you don’t want your dog on the couch, you have the right to enforce that rule.

Because dogs naturally jump up on people and furniture, they have to be taught that this behavior is unacceptable. Before you teach your dog not to jump up, it’s helpful to understand why he’s doing it.

When dogs are excited, they want to let you know it. From a dog’s perspective, flinging his body at you with full force is a great way to express his joy. If he’s a small dog, he probably wants to get as close to your face as possible to give you some licks.

Dogs who jump up on the couch are doing it to get close to you or to just find a more comfortable place to sleep. Your dog sees you sitting and lying on the couch, and figures it’s available to him, too. read more…


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