We’re For the Horse

forthehorses_bw_tcm95-202980The horse holds a unique position in the history of mankind. The horse and human bond is strong, and throughout human civilization horses have provided us with transportation, companionship and the means to explore the world. One way we can recognize the enormous scale of their contribution is to maintain and improve the health of these magnificent animals. Merck Animal Health is committed to doing exactly that.

With the world’s largest offering of equine products, ranging from vaccines to reproduction management, the Merck Animal Health Equine Portfolio is dedicated to continual innovation. Our products, research and horse owner education programs are all focused on providing a better life for our equine companions and better resources and medicines for the equine practitioner. At the heart of the Equine Portfolio is our rallying cry, “We’re For the Horse,” which showcases our goal to be a true partner to our customers and provide the best care for horses.

Keeping Horses Healthier

Merck Animal Health keeps horses healthier by providing a comprehensive package of integrated solutions for equine health.

The suite of Merck Animal Health equine products and services includes:

  • Vaccines
  • Antibiotics
  • Reproduction Management
  • Pain Management
  • Dewormers
  • Specialties and Services

As our equine customers are becoming more global, we adapt to meet their needs and develop our products and services in close collaboration with them. Our partners include allied businesses, universities, biotech companies and research institutions that also seek to develop and market innovative equine products. read more…




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