Take Your Dog to Work … every day


Over the last six years, my dog Pip has accompanied me on many job-related outings: working at the office, guarding my record bag at (low-volume-level) DJ gigs, panting in the background while I record my radio show in the studio, and on planes, trains, and automobiles.

This year is the 20th anniversary of Take Your Dog To Work Day, which began in 1996 in the U.K. and 1998 in the U.S. Before I started working as a full-time freelancer, I was lucky to have worked in offices where dogs were allowed. I live in Berlin, Germany, a city that is extremely dog-friendly. Not only are dogs welcome virtually everywhere here, but they’re considered official co-workers in many offices. Dogs are allowed to accompany their owners on trains and buses (with a ticket and muzzle), and there are plentiful green spaces with dog runs. Many of the cafés and restaurants even supply water bowls for their furry patrons. Because of these freedoms, dogs here are very well-trained. There are plenty of dog-training schools (hundeschule) in the city to ensure that meals and meetings alike go uninterrupted by barks or bites.

Now that my work office is at home, my dog has become even more important—she keeps me company and doesn’t let me forget about taking breaks (an easy rut to fall into when there aren’t co-workers around suggesting coffee or lunch). Those walking breaks often help to clear my head and fuel inspiration. Plus, bringing your dog to work can actually have beneficial effects on your mind. A 2008 study showed that stress levels declined by the end of the day for employees who had brought their dogs to work. Conversely, rising stress levels were indicated for the same people when their dogs were not brought into work.  read more…


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