Cattle is King – again When it comes to ag commodities

cattle-grazing-125x125The Oregon Department of Agriculture has released its list of the top commodities in 2015, and once again cattle is king.  But Jim Johnson with the ODA says the $914 million in sales last year was down a bit from 2014, part of the roller coaster that is the cattle industry: “Cattle and calves are going into one of their down periods in terms of price and such. I would not be surprised if they come back and challenge for the number one position again- if, indeed, that is taken away from them.”

Agriculture accounted for $5.4 billion into the Oregon economy in 2015 according to Johnson who says one of the things that really helps ag stay on top is the diversity of products from Oregon producers: “Over 220 different commodities- that diversity is so important to maintaining the long-term viability of Oregon agriculture.  When one product is down, another takes its place and fills the gap.”

Oregon’s wine industry finally made into the top ten according to Johnson who says the industries rise over the past decade has been remarkable.

The top ten commodities in 2015:

(1)       Cattle and calves, $914 million

(2)       Greenhouse and nursery products, $894 million

(3)       Hay, $604 million

(4)       Milk, $474 million

(5)       Grass seed, $383 million

(6)       Wheat, $217 million

(7)       Potatoes, $176 million

(8)       Pears, $152 million

(9)       Wine grapes, $147 million

(10)     Onions, $125 million

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