Tips on keeping your calves healthy at weaning


Farmers need to make a conscious effort to keep the weaning process as stress free as possible, according to Zoetis’ Vet Charles Chavasse.

The Zoetis Area Veterinary Manager said that it is really important for farmers to keep their weanlings healthy over the next couple of months.

Speaking at a recent weanling information organised by Gain Feeds, Chavasse said the first step in keeping cattle healthy is getting them through the weaning process stress free.

Stress can be a huge issue, he said, as it can lead to an increase in the number of cases of pneumonia.

We must be aware that things like dehorning and castration are incredibly stressful for animals.

Farmers need to time these processes, he said, and they should be avoided around weaning and housing as these are two of the most stressful times for young cattle.

He also said that farmers need to be aware of diet changes, as putting weanlings on high energy diets can cause acidosis and this pushes downs the weanlings ability to fight off disease.

Monitoring performance

Monitoring a weanlings performance is a really good way of telling farmers how well they are managing their weanlings, he said.  Read more…


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