Sustainable soil and integrated beef systems

cows grazing herefords UNL_0Forward thinking is important in beef production.

The focus in beef production is how to raise the best, most marketable, most tender, best-tasting beef and, in some cases, simply another beef cow or bull. At the end of the day, the word “production” needs to be replaced with the word “business.”

Good business concepts help with the dollars, but production methods still seem to take up a lot of the discussion. Among producers, beeves are being discussed and the outcome will be the best final product.

That is, until producers step from their pastures into the bigger picture. For some, beef production is fine in its present form with no need for alternative production models. Yet many producers are seeking production models that will stand the test of time.

Sustainability, to support, to withstand or to bear the forces applied, is critical within the developing models of beef production. Defining sustainability, however, seems to cycle in a pattern similar to the beef cattle cycle. Producers have work to be done, data to be collected and knowledge to grow when the beef industry speaks of sustainability.

Where is beef going to go? Perhaps a look at agriculture in general would be good.

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