does your cat’s sleep position saying something?

Splash position – most relaxed a kitty can ever be.

> The Splash. Flat out on its back, all four paws in the air, this is the most relaxed a kitty can ever be. It signals pure contentment.

In this position, our pets are exposing a vulnerable tummy and throat without a care in the world. Clearly, they aren’t concerned about anything more dangerous than a casual stroke of the belly fur.

We see this after a particularly good lunch, like the boiled liver presented on Caturdays. We also saw it two days ago when Guido quietly hit me up for treats and then sneakily got second rations from the other human – after he’d been out for breakfast across the street!

> The Donut. All paws are pooled into a neat stack and the nose is perched on top, turning your pet into a donut shape.

This is one of Guido’s favourite positions, especially when he’s picked a corner in the big armchair or a box to snooze in.

What’s interesting is the way he places his head. When he’s indoors, his face is usually turned up (reverse donut) so that his neck fur is available for finger rubs. But when he’s outdoors, he looks out (classic donut), back against the wall, which makes it a secure position.

> The Face-palm. The body is comfortably supported by a cushion and the face is flat in the material. In addition, the paws come up, providing more shielding.

This prone position is something I’ve never seen among the kitchen cats or any feral kitty. In fact, it’s pretty rare among the house cats I’ve lived with or pet-sat for.

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