Horse vaccination for West Nile virus


Due to the rise in temperatures and mosquito populations, Utah horse owners are being advised to vaccinate their horses to protect them from the West Nile virus.

Data show that 80 percent of cases in horses occur during August and September. The virus is spread by mosquitos and can affect both humans and animals.

“(The virus) is a reportable disease and is part of our statewide information and alert system designed to protect animal and human health,” Barry Pittman, state veterinarian, said in a prepared statement. “Our Animal Health Program is part of a regional and national notification system designed to prevent the spread of diseases that affect livestock and the human population. Any equine with (the virus) would be prevented from traveling across state lines,” he added.

Mosquito monitoring for West Nile continues throughout the state and is ongoing throughout peak months. To date, no human or animal cases of West Nile virus have been reported, but laboratory test results confirm the presence of mosquitoes carrying the virus in the Vernal area. read more…


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