Three tips to create a stylish space for pets


Pets are treated like family at my house and, I’m sure, a lot of you feel the same.

Dogs and cats come with quite a bit of supplies that need organization and can be made to look stylish in your home. Here are three ideas to make a pet’s area attractive:

— Feeding Area – To combat the messiness and unattractive look of pet food bowls, create a designated place for food storage. A crafty way to accomplish this is to use a trunk with two deep top holes wide enough to fit your pet’s food bowls.

You may also want to consider food stations that double as places to hold the food underneath.

— Bed – Thing beyond boring, flimsy pet pillows. Everything from pallets to using bourbon barrels (which we love in Kentucky! ) are creative ways to make a pet bed both appealing and sturdy.

When shopping for a bed, durability and sterility should be part of your buying decision.

— Storage – Smart and stylish storage is crucial to keeping your pet’s area organized and functional. Try refurbishing an old cabinet, or use wicker baskets and canvas bins to fit all your pet’s needs. Read more…

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