Family passion for cattle business


Summer had not arrived as Gary and Jeremy Walter checked cows in early June, but you could see its gravel dust in the distance.

“It’s about to get hot,” Gary says as a small group of cow/calf pairs walks toward him.

The father-son duo run just over 100 cows near here in Fremont County and farm a combined 1,150 acres.

The Walters each own 50 percent of the cow herd. Jeremy farms 350 acres on his own, while his father farms 800 acres. Gary farms with his wife, Mary Kay, and Jeremy farms with his wife, Kayla.

Gary grew up on the nearby family farm, where his father raised hogs.

“Dad had hogs and Grandpa had cattle, and I had the opportunity to go in with my grandpa on some cows, so that’s how I got going,” he says. “It was something I had hoped to do someday since I had always liked that business.”

The cattle business is something that always appealed to Jeremy as well. After two years at Southeast Community College in Beatrice, Neb., he returned home with an ag business and management technology degree.

“I bought into the cow herd when I was in high school, so it was definitely what I planned to do,” Jeremy says. “I was pretty committed to coming back.” Read more…


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