Cat Lovers Gather in Los Angeles for 2-Day

‘redefining the cat lady – proving that you can be chic and stylish and own a cat, simultaneously’

CatConLA — a two-day convention and symposium for cat lovers — will return to Los Angeles this weekend, providing a “purr- fect” activity for fans of all things feline.

The event, described by organizers as “redefining the cat lady — proving that you can be chic and stylish and own a cat, simultaneously,” is expected to draw 15,000 attendees to The Reef, 1933 S. Broadway.

Human attendees will not be allowed to bring their cats to the event, but several social-media celebrity felines and their owners will host meet-and- greets, including Lil BUB, who has 1.3 million followers on Instagram; Pudge, who has 600,000 followers; and Nala cat, who has 2.9 million followers. Read more…


Racetracks give $20,000 for equine research

Two Florida horse racing tracks have each donated $10,000 to a fund aiming to raise $100,000 to advance equine medical research in the state.

Tampa Bay Downs and Gulfstream Park are both supporting of the Ocala Initiative, a project by the Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation that is seeking to raise $100,000 through equine organisations, and then solicit matching funds from individuals.

…“We’re really excited to have both tracks on board, supporting work that’s so crucial to the health of all breeds of horses as well as the horse racing business.” Read more…

Three tips to create a stylish space for pets


Pets are treated like family at my house and, I’m sure, a lot of you feel the same.

Dogs and cats come with quite a bit of supplies that need organization and can be made to look stylish in your home. Here are three ideas to make a pet’s area attractive:

— Feeding Area – To combat the messiness and unattractive look of pet food bowls, create a designated place for food storage. A crafty way to accomplish this is to use a trunk with two deep top holes wide enough to fit your pet’s food bowls.

You may also want to consider food stations that double as places to hold the food underneath.

— Bed – Thing beyond boring, flimsy pet pillows. Everything from pallets to using bourbon barrels (which we love in Kentucky! ) are creative ways to make a pet bed both appealing and sturdy.

When shopping for a bed, durability and sterility should be part of your buying decision.

— Storage – Smart and stylish storage is crucial to keeping your pet’s area organized and functional. Try refurbishing an old cabinet, or use wicker baskets and canvas bins to fit all your pet’s needs. Read more…

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Farm antibiotics – are investors right to be worried


Emma Rose of the Alliance to Save our Antibiotics argues that the intervention of institutional investors in the antibiotics debate shows that the topic has to be taken seriously.

The overuse of antibiotics in human medicine has been under the spotlight for a number of years. With the human antibiotic resistance crisis set to reach critical proportions, many are calling on GPs, pharmacists and dentists to rein in inappropriate prescription practices, with some leading figures even suggesting sanctions for those who over-prescribe.

The need to tackle human prescribing is still widely considered to be the highest priority in the drive to safeguard our antibiotics, but global attention is increasingly turning to the overuse of antibiotics in farming. Read more…


Family passion for cattle business


Summer had not arrived as Gary and Jeremy Walter checked cows in early June, but you could see its gravel dust in the distance.

“It’s about to get hot,” Gary says as a small group of cow/calf pairs walks toward him.

The father-son duo run just over 100 cows near here in Fremont County and farm a combined 1,150 acres.

The Walters each own 50 percent of the cow herd. Jeremy farms 350 acres on his own, while his father farms 800 acres. Gary farms with his wife, Mary Kay, and Jeremy farms with his wife, Kayla.

Gary grew up on the nearby family farm, where his father raised hogs.

“Dad had hogs and Grandpa had cattle, and I had the opportunity to go in with my grandpa on some cows, so that’s how I got going,” he says. “It was something I had hoped to do someday since I had always liked that business.”

The cattle business is something that always appealed to Jeremy as well. After two years at Southeast Community College in Beatrice, Neb., he returned home with an ag business and management technology degree.

“I bought into the cow herd when I was in high school, so it was definitely what I planned to do,” Jeremy says. “I was pretty committed to coming back.” Read more…

Tips for summer pet care


Summer officially begins Monday, and our routines undergo change.

For pet parents, this includes being more vigilant, as our furry companions may need some modifications to their care. First and foremost not to leave a pet in a vehicle for even a few minutes.

Other suggestions were to make sure your pet’s vaccines, especially rabies, are up-to-date. Flea and tick medication is essential to keep pets safe and comfortable. Regular heartworm pills will keep the disease-carrying mosquitoes at bay. Another great suggestion is to walk pets later in the day to avoid burning the pads of your pet’s feet. Furnish plenty of fresh water and shade and take time to relax with your pet. Read full story…