Keep your doggie safe on the road – travel

Dogs can travel safely by wearing a harness and seat belt

If you have a dog, there will be some point when you have to transport it in a vehicle – whether it is for the annual visit to the veterinarian or a weekend beach jaunt.

It is second nature for you to belt up and to ensure every person in the car does so too. But what about your dog?

In Singapore, it is not uncommon to see owners holding their canine companions in their arms while in the car or merely leaving them in the rear seats unrestrained.

“Dog carriers and crates are one of the least popular items in our inventory,” says Mr Kieran Kua, who oversees the operations of Pet Guru, an online pet store owned by SOSD, a humane organisation which rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes rescued strays. “If a customer purchases one, it is usually because it’s needed to fly a dog back home and not to use it to ferry the dog around in a car.”

For some drivers here, other concerns seem to be a higher priority than safety.

Medical doctor Robert Woon, 40, says: “A car seat cover is most important to me when I am taking Max, my Labrador Retriever, to the park or the beach. He is so docile and low energy, he just lies at the rear for the entire journey.” read more…




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