Was Your Dog Walked? Your Phone Can Show You


Some parents find peace of mind in the location-tracking features in smartphones that let them keep tabs on their children. There are also the dog owners who can rest easy knowing that hired dog walkers are doing their job, and that the dogs are doing their business.

And then, there is the comfort of tracking your pizza delivery.

When Lora Mastrangeli orders one from Pizza Hut every other week, she does not just wait for it. She stalks it.

The moment her order leaves the nearest Pizza Hut, about 30 minutes from her home in Plano, Tex., the restaurant sends Ms. Mastrangeli an alert on her smartphone with a link to a map showing an image of a pizza delivery car driving toward her house. Since she knows her driver’s location, she knows precisely when to scoop her two small dogs up and sequester them in a back room to keep them from yapping at the driver.

“My husband and I absolutely love it,” said Ms. Mastrangeli, who works in sales for Nordstrom. “We’re walking out the door when he pulls up.” Read more…


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