Hundreds walk pooches to protest dog-walking limits

1461460080946.jpgHundreds of dog owners walked their poodles, corgis, dachshunds and many mutts to protest the proposed limits on dog-walking in San Francisco’s Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

The protesters on Saturday walked their four-legged pooches, many wearing red bandanas, along Crissy Field while holding signs that read “Unleash Our Land!” and “Put Feds On A Leash!”

Andrea Buffa, an event organizer and member of Save Our Recreation, said protesters are calling on the National Park Service to keep dog walking in the open-space areas where it has been allowed for decades, including Ft. Funston and Ocean Beach in San Francisco, Muir Beach in Marin County and Rancho Corral de Tierra on the Peninsula.

“We are undaunted and more determined than ever after years of seeking a balanced plan. If the Park Service thinks we’re going to just roll over and play dead, they have another thing coming,” Buffa said. Read more…


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