Time for a spring detox

There is a different odor in the air! Maybe it is the earth shaking the heavy, snowy coat and growing fresh green “hair”, the first flowers and buds covered with aromatic resin coming out into the warmer sun Spring is (almost) here, and, among the many activities we like to embark at this time is the cleaning of the house and yard. What about our bodies? During the colder season, we tend to spend more time indoors, avoiding the elements, maybe gained some extra pounds, feel a bit heavier and sluggish. Well, the lack of exercise and strenuous movement, coupled with heavier foods and lots of meat can cause an accumulation of residues in the body, some call this process a “toxic buildup”. If your tissues are “clogged”, you may feel more fatigued, congested, achy, and you may have a thick, white or yellow coating on your tongue in the morning. These symptoms are more evident in elderly or people with chronic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, and others. While the conventional medicine does not always recognize this process, there is plenty of data in integrative (or complementary) medicine to support its presence in most modern people, while all religions advise a period of cleansing or even fasting to help eliminate the toxins and restore the full functions of the body. I have tried myself along the years various methods of detoxifying and found, indeed, that after some of them I regained my clarity of mind, energy, and strength. It is wise to believe that we should cleanse our hard working bodies, after all we periodically check, clean, oil our cars. Also, with the age, some of our normal processes of metabolic waste elimination tend to be slower and less efficient. But springtime is an appropriate time to cleanse and fine-tune our bodies and minds! We are more active outside, so we sweat more sweating is a good way to detox, that is why many populations employ sauna regularly and swear by it. Read more…


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