More places are allowing people to travel, dine and shop with pets

Dog lovers are happier these days now that their best friends can accompany them to more places, and partake in fun family activities away from home. Outdoor enthusiasts are getting more comfortable, too, making their pets part of their outdoor adventures. Linden Mayor David Lossing and his wife, Suzanne, are among them.“We take our dogs kayaking on the Shiawassee River and other locations,” Lossing said. “We suit ‘em up with their own vests and goggles.” Sharon Paulin of Linden, who is very involved with the Fenton VFW said, “While I understand that exceptions need to be made for service dogs, in most instances dogs do not belong in most stores or restaurants, I get aggravated with people who bring their pets to patriotic parades and cemeteries.” Businesses who allow dogs into their establishments need to consider the health and safety of all their customers. Dog owners should use common sense as it relates to places they should not take their pet, even if they are allowed to do so. Read more…


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