Hilarious ‘Talking Cat Collar’ Speaks What Your Cat Is Thinking

We’ve always wondered what cats would say if they could speak to us in real, human words. And this “talking cat collar“ may put an end to our questioning once and for all.

Hilarious new ads for Temptations cat treats debut the “Catterbox,” that supposedly uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to process your cat’s sounds and speak them back to you in voice form.

“Meow,” you see, might translate to a dry and clipped “This is rather fun.” Or any one of these delightful, extremely cat-like quips: read more…


Just kidding! Hungry and impatient goat nibbles on a toddler’s hair

This adorable little girl found out that even a cute goat can turn into the green-eyed monster when she tried to feed one – and got his jealous friend’s revenge instead.

The girl’s first experience feeding the farm animals starts smoothly enough.

Her father shows the girl how to cup her hand so the food doesn’t fall out, although it takes a few times before the youngster stops hopping around with excitement and pays attention. read more…

AgriLabs® has entered into the vaccine manufacturing business

“By adding state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities to our U.S. marketing and sales operations, we can deliver more value to veterinarians and producers both domestically and worldwide,” said Steve Schram, AgriLabs chief executive officer, at a ribbon-cutting event that included several state and city officials. “With the need for alternatives to antibiotics, vaccines are critical to the long term health and efficiency of food animal production,” Schram said.

“This announcement positions Nebraska for great opportunities in agriculture and bioscience,” Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts said. “We appreciate the confidence that AgriLabs has in our state’s bioscience research and manufacturing sectors, and its willingness to expand its investment in employees and facilities in these highly regarded areas.” Read more…

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Cattle producers observe Earth Day every day

Earth Day may come once a year for many, but for my family and other farmers and ranchers, Earth Day is every day.

Our family farms (“big ag” makes up less than 3 percent of U.S. farms) were “green” before it was cool. We reduce, reuse and recycle. In 30 years, we’ve reduced feed usage by 20 percent, water usage by 14 percent, land usage by 30 percent, fossil fuel usage by 9 percent and carbon emissions by 18 percent and all while increasing beef produced per animal by 31 percent.

We reuse byproducts that would have been wasted from grain production (fiber byproducts) and ethanol production (distillers).

We recycle sunshine into steak. Without livestock grazing and recycling grass, 800 million acres of U.S. range and pastureland would be useless for food production.

All of these ranching families have a big heart for the environment and the animals we raise. Ranching families have long recognized sound husbandry practices based on research and decades of practical experience are critical for the well-being of cattle, health and productivity. This has helped food production increase at least 70 percent in 50 years rather than using more land. That’s animal welfare and sustainability. Read more…

What’s a Pheochromocytoma, and How Do Vets Diagnose It?


There’s a hormone-secreting tumor that can form in the adrenal glands of horses, potentially causing damaging high blood pressure, but it’s so incredibly rare that only a handful of cases have ever been described in studies. Veterinarians don’t normally notice the tumor until the horse is on the post-mortem table, at which time it’s difficult to determine its significance (Did it kill the horse, or was it just an incidental finding?). But if veterinarians could know what combination of signs to look for, they could conceivably recognize the tumor—called a pheochromocytoma–in a sick horse with colic or internal bleeding, perhaps, and intervene, or at least not subject the horse to medications or treatments that could cause the case to worsen. Read more…

Was Your Dog Walked? Your Phone Can Show You


Some parents find peace of mind in the location-tracking features in smartphones that let them keep tabs on their children. There are also the dog owners who can rest easy knowing that hired dog walkers are doing their job, and that the dogs are doing their business.

And then, there is the comfort of tracking your pizza delivery.

When Lora Mastrangeli orders one from Pizza Hut every other week, she does not just wait for it. She stalks it.

The moment her order leaves the nearest Pizza Hut, about 30 minutes from her home in Plano, Tex., the restaurant sends Ms. Mastrangeli an alert on her smartphone with a link to a map showing an image of a pizza delivery car driving toward her house. Since she knows her driver’s location, she knows precisely when to scoop her two small dogs up and sequester them in a back room to keep them from yapping at the driver.

“My husband and I absolutely love it,” said Ms. Mastrangeli, who works in sales for Nordstrom. “We’re walking out the door when he pulls up.” Read more…

Hundreds walk pooches to protest dog-walking limits

1461460080946.jpgHundreds of dog owners walked their poodles, corgis, dachshunds and many mutts to protest the proposed limits on dog-walking in San Francisco’s Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

The protesters on Saturday walked their four-legged pooches, many wearing red bandanas, along Crissy Field while holding signs that read “Unleash Our Land!” and “Put Feds On A Leash!”

Andrea Buffa, an event organizer and member of Save Our Recreation, said protesters are calling on the National Park Service to keep dog walking in the open-space areas where it has been allowed for decades, including Ft. Funston and Ocean Beach in San Francisco, Muir Beach in Marin County and Rancho Corral de Tierra on the Peninsula.

“We are undaunted and more determined than ever after years of seeking a balanced plan. If the Park Service thinks we’re going to just roll over and play dead, they have another thing coming,” Buffa said. Read more…