Advice on how to prevent cattle lameness


Cattle lameness is an issue with both dairy and beef cattle. Dr. Heather Schlesser, the Marathon County Dairy Agent, stopped by NewsChannel 7 at Noon Friday with some advice on how to prevent it.


1. Keep the hooves trimmed and in good condition, especially if they are living on concrete.

2. Groove the concrete to provide more traction than a smooth surface.

3. Keep flooring clean.

4. Have adequate ventilation to keep things dry and alleviate heat stress in the summer.

5. Utilize a foot bath.

6. Develop a monitoring program for your cattle. The sooner you can identify the lameness problems, the sooner they can be tested.

7. Lastly, provide the cattle with a clean, comfortable place to rest. Stalls should be designed for the largest animal in the herd.

Watch the video


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