Your cows & mineral supplements


Studies show that all animals need mineral supplementation for sound reproductive health and general wellness. For a dairy animal, research has proven that dairy cattle require trace mineral supplementation daily.
Sound dairy trace mineral nutrition helps improve animal health and therefore profitability. Supplementing lactating dairy cows with highly bio-available trace minerals has several benefits. The benefits include an animal coming on heat, being served and eventually having a calf per year as expected. In a cow’s reproductive health, sufficient mineral supplementation leads to an animal having fewer days post-calving to come on heat again and be served.
For heifers, proper mineral supplementation leads to the cow coming to heat early bringing down the age at first service and calving. An animal that is served severally before it conceives is scientifically known as a repeat breeder.
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Snowstorms take a toll on cattle

blogThe recent snowstorm blast punished livestock operations — particularly dairies — in the Texas Panhandle, South Plains and Eastern New Mexico, leaving a potential toll of 70,000 animals dead….

While ag producers are at the mercy of the weather, this blow was not only sharp but perhaps lasting into next year. The financial losses from dead animals is most obvious, but because milk haulers couldn’t get down roads to the dairies, the milk waiting for them was a loss. Also, dairy employees were trapped at home and cows that weren’t milked for a couple of days will become less productive. Read more…