Antibiotics in livestock

interesting article in terms of what you need to know regarding use of antibiotics in livestock.

“Antibiotics are a crucial tool in both human and animal medicine, and overusing them threatens their effectiveness. But a lot of the attention on the livestock issue has been around a move towards “antibiotic-free” meat, which misses the point. After all, animals raised in an “antibiotic-free” program still have to be treated with antibiotics if they get sick; they will just wind up in the conventional market if they do. As with so many hot-button issues, the answer lies in the middle: responsible antibiotics use, not a blanket ban. That way we can keep our animals healthy, while also making sure our “miracle drugs” keep working in the future.” Click to read full article…


Promote greater livestock health with Probiotics

Probiotics are known to help with human digestive health. Same theory applies to animals, no surprise here.

As a result of this, many cattle producers have begun transitioning to probiotics, which are also known as direct feed microbials (DFM). Unlike antibiotics, which are drugs which kill bacteria (both harmful and health-promoting ones) probiotics are live cultures of beneficial bacteria. By introducing them into an animal’s diet a cattle producer can, in theory at least, promote greater animal health and resistance to infection by replenishing the healthful bacteria in their cow’s gut.

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Dog flu a growing concern

The worldwide outbreak of avian flu has raised questions and concerns about various animal-borne viruses and diseases. Those issues extend to questions about family pets, and as it turns out, there’s another type of animal flu that hits closer to home. In hearing about the worldwide outbreak of avian flu, or bird flu, 6 News wondered if other animal owners, or even pet owners, should be worried.

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